Jade would keep shuttling between Mumbai and Delhi, so that their bond stayed stronger with time. Mahesh, would ensure that when Jade was in town, he would make time for daily outings for at least two meals together.

How This Gay Couple Stood Strong Amid Challenges

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"Once winter morning, Jade visited me as a physiotherapist, for his healing foot injury. But, because it was love at first sight for me, I referred him to another physiotherapist friend, keeping in view of my professional ethics. I cited lack of time," recalls Mahesh, 27 year-old who originally hails from Mumbai. 

But little did Mahesh realise that it was love at first sight for Jade too! Being the more confident of the two, 29 year-old Jade soon openly spoke about the same to the referred physiotherapist. It was late 2018. "She found it startling at the beginning, but later decided to make the two of us meet at the New Year’s get-together at their home. By the end of the party, we were dancing in each other's arms, with the hosts a d their warm friends, encouraging our love via stunning applauds and cheers!"

With passing time, the two began planning life ahead together piece by piece, not just emotionally but financially too. Everything seemed to go by the plan till 2020...when COVID-19 pandemic shook the world. 


Then came the year 2020, just before the COVID19 pandemic took India by storm. Jade, an architect by profession, traveled to New Delhi for some ongoing projects in the region as well as to meet his family there. Due to the pandemic lockdown, he got stuck there for a few months. Finding family time in his hands, and missing Mahesh big time, Jade decided to reveal the relationship to his family, who were already aware of his sexual orientation. 

While at one end Jade disclosed about Mahesh to his parents, on the other Mahesh spoke about the same with his mother (a widow) and her sister who was married and had a two year-old child. While Jade's family was joyous about the couple, Mahesh's sister's husband decided to drift away from them and met him only on Raksha Bandhan days out of obligation. The reason he would cite was that his son and Mahesh's nephew will get under 'bad influence.' However, Mahesh’s mother stood by him rock solid. She asked them to move in together and let the emotions and relationships heal with time.


Jade would keep shuttling between Mumbai and Delhi, so that their bond stayed stronger with time. Mahesh, would ensure that when Jade was in town, he would make time for daily outings for at least two meals together. Plus, Mahesh would also fly down to Delhi often. During those days, they would also invite Mahesh’s family, but only his mother or at times his sister would make it. These small time family reunions would make the two extremely hopeful about their future together. They also began saving for buying a home of their own, as Mahesh wanted his mother to stay with them. He wanted the mother’s house to be given out to his sister. Jade was upbeat about the idea of having a big joint family! 

But in 2021, the year they were planning to move base to Delhi NCR, Jade fell prey to COVID19. He was moved to the ICU. And that's when Mahesh decided to take special permissions to fly to Delhi and be by his side after Jade tested negative for COVID19, but still continued to be in ICU.

It was here that Mahesh’s brother-in-law realised how wrong he was about them and how selfless their love was. Just like any other couple! And after two months in ICU, Jade walked out fragile yet mentally strong, in sturdy arms of love from Mahesh. Initially, they stayed at the studio apartment Jade had hired for work purposes in NCR. But when the landlord and society secretary got to know about their relationship, Jade was asked to vacate the flat. Not bothering about his health, a gathering of society members tried to shame them big time at their apartment.

That's when Mahesh and his brother-in-law decided to stand up for each other. He asked the society chairperson to get a vacating order from the court, which of course it could not. "Section 377 had been abolished long ago. And the housing society could not justify their hatred. And meanwhile, we found a nice cozy elderly couple in South Delhi, who rented their top floor to us at a nominal price. We moved here once Jade was healthy and better," informs Mahesh. 


"It is not that we have won over anyone or all. The people, still stare at us when we hold hands and walk, they do look down upon us. But we are learning day by day to take it all in our stride. We have made certain rules so that nothing makes us fall apart or push us into depression," asserts Jade.

“The foremost thing that we do is share everything under the Sun in terms of talks, hatred, etc that is thrown at us. Sharing makes us feel lighter and the other of us two helps find a solution," shares Mahesh.

Further, they inform me that they have joined various Social Media as well as in-person meet-up LGBTQ clubs, where they meet the like-minded couples once a month. "Sharing our feelings, what we face in the society with other couples, makes us stronger in terms of the fact that one knows that we aren't the only one facing the brick-brats. So together we emerge stronger in our resolve to stick together," Jade emphasises.


Last but not the least, they have brought home the 'other sides of the families' at various get-togethers they host at their homes, so that with time the family and extended families learn that there is a world without discrimination where LOVE IS BEYOND ANY KIND OF DIVISIONS! And with time the ice melted, because they knew communication was necessary. “Nothing is permanent and hatred is just an influence, which can always be melted away with the right kind of communication. But, since we consider that we are still in the nascent stage of being accepted by the society plus since Jade is still recovering from post-pandemic health loss. So we would come out open in the society as a whole with our relationship, in a year or two once he has healed. Thus, for now we would share our story with you, but not our real names, not any images etc. We need some more time,” smiles Mahesh, as fragile Jade looks confident. And Baely App, always respects privacy for anyone and everyone. So we will wait.

Meanwhile, as time heals, bonds do get stronger. Today, Jade's nephew is five years old. And when his parents take a me-time break, they entrust Jade and Mahesh as his baby-sitters! And the duo considers it their biggest blessing.

(The names of the above family members have been changed at request from the family, to maintain their privacy)


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