But there is more to their love story, than just romance which they say they have kept alive since day one. So what makes them going

“My Wife Isn’t a Disabled Woman, but an Accomplished Chef”

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"Rachel and I met through family friends, who arranged our marriage after a brief courtship of 3 months. Everything was a fairytale affair, for the next eight months when Rachel and I met with a major accident. She was driving considering I was sleepy on the wheel, during our drive to a vacation spot. While I escaped with minor injuries, her spinal injury left her immobile from below the waist. Plus, she had to undergo hysterectomy (uterus removal) due to internal injuries," says 35 year-old Simon, who is the country manager sales of a leading beverage distributor, recalls the horror from 2016. They were Bengaluru based then.

While 32-year-old Rachel bounced back in 2017, as the Sou Chef at a famous food chain due to Simon's consistent support, the journey till 2022 wasn't an easy one. "My family would torment her not only about the accident, but also force me to divorce her and marry someone who can bear a child of our own," Simon informs, while Rachel looks at their 10-year-old adopted son with a wide smile. The bonding among the three, looks impeccable. 


But there is more to their love story, than just romance which they say they have kept alive since day one. So what makes them going despite her physical disability and weird public gaze, and of course his family's bitterness?

Simon informs that he never let her disability come in between them and made her watch inspiring videos and read related stories of determined individuals across the globe. "Initially for two three months I was severely depressed, but his resolve to take life head-on with me was so strong that I had to give in. He refused to feed me in the bed, but he would take me to the dining table. He refused to clean my body, but would take me to the bathroom. So, within a year, I could manage myself alone at home, even when our house help was on leave," Rachel recollects.


"Had she not taken the driving wheel in her hands, perhaps we both would have been dead or perhaps it would have been me, since I was drowsy. So how could I leave her anyway, not just because of this reason, but also because what are soulmates for?" He asserts, while Rachel adds, "This man is so nuts and deeply in love with me from day one that he even took consent towards consummation on our wedding's second night. And that's when I fell in love with him!"

A shy and blushing Simon interrupts (while she laughs), "I ensure that our travel bug never takes a backspace. From mountains to beaches to anywhere where at times I need to carry her on my back also, we go. We ensure that none of our passions comes as a hurdle in life." 

Here is when their house help cuts in and the lady adds, "They go for dance parties, they go for classical musical evenings, they go for long drives. They do everything, I never feel Madam has any disability!" 


Rachel adds that in 2019, despite all odds and against his family's wishes, they adopted Darwin who was seven then. "Simon ensured that I become a mother, but in a way that I can look after the child on my own, most of the time. So we went for a grown up kid," she caresses Darwin's hair, who lays his head on the mother's shoulder with utmost love. Simon adds, "We feel Darwin adopted us, he is a very sensible and sensitive child. Also, we ensure we hide nothing from him, so that he becomes a strong headed, self dependent young one." To this Rachel adds, "I want him to grow up as empathetic as Simon is, towards his own, beyond his own. He must be a good human, that's our priority, his career doesn't matter much."

"Because we are still human. We still fight against new odds each day…every time we go out and face those stares. But in due course of time, we have rather become an inspiration, as many tell us. And perhaps today Baely also wanted to do our interview for the same reason because you didn't see her disability, but the beautiful family we have, right?!"

And I can't agree more.

He takes leave with the last  words, " We really wish to inspire each couple who has their own hiccups in life. But for personal reasons, we would not like to share our images, till our families turn around for good," Simon smiles, while the son and wife take on for the evening stroll.

(The names of the above family members have been changed at request from the family, to maintain their privacy)


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