Believe in the power of love, invest in your relationship, and always remember that true happiness lies in cherishing and nurturing the bond you share with your partner

A Love Story Rooted in Communication, Thriving in Harmony: Yash & Ami

Ami Hemani, Yash Hemani, Indian Couple

An interesting conversation with Dr. Yash and Ami Hemani, hosted by Baely’s Consulting Editor Mahima Sharma, unravels the serendipitous beginnings and enduring love story that binds this lovely couple. Their insights on communication, balance, and unwavering commitment offer a glimpse into the secrets of a lasting and harmonious relationship. Read on as Mahima narrates…

Serendipitous Beginnings: When Mumbai United Two Souls

Dr Yash Hemani started their tale by taking me back to the bustling city of Mumbai in November 2015 when he first met Ami through a mutual friend. Their initial encounters were casual, but it was their conversations on Whatsapp that hinted at something more.

His spouse Ami chimed in, her eyes sparkling with fond memories. "Our chats became longer and deeper, and we both felt a growing connection. So, we decided to go on a special adventure on Christmas Day in 2015 to get to know each other better."

Yash added, "That day was incredible. We hopped from one restaurant to another, trying different cuisines and spending a whopping seven hours together. It was during this time that we opened up about our pasts, our secrets, and our life lessons."

Ami nodded, her voice filled with admiration. "Yash stressed the importance of authenticity, and I admired that about him. So, I shared details about my life experiences, and he did the same. By the end of the day, we felt a deeper understanding and connection between us."

Quirks and Comfort: Finding Solace in Each Other

"I was amazed by Ami's genuine personality, her simplicity, and her easy-going nature," Yash shared, a hint of awe in his voice. "Her quirks and sense of humor were icing on the cake. She had a way of making me feel comfortable and accepted."

Ami smiled at Yash, her love for him shining through. "And I loved Yash's open-mindedness, flexibility, and his kind heart. His intelligence and quick wit were just a bonus. We both saw something special in each other, and it solidified our growing attraction."

Yash's eyes twinkled as he continued, "With no doubts or questions, we both knew we had found our match. So, on February 10, 2016, we got engaged, and on January 7, 2017, we exchanged our vows and became husband and wife. That marked the beginning of our journey together."

Preserving the Bond: Resolving Conflicts with Maturity

It's been more than five years of their wedding and Ami and Yash claim that they have never had a major discord. Now this is what amazed me and I popped up the next question, “What keeps you both glued?”

Ami leaned forward, her expression earnest. "We've always prioritized preserving our bond. We've never had any major arguments or misunderstandings, because our thumbrule is communication is the key and base of every and any relationship. So we discuss any discord, and don't sleep over it, this helps avoid major arguments. And we work to resolve any minor differences maturely, we read a lot about how to keep relationships healthy, which again helps. We listen to each other without judgment and never let conflicts linger overnight."

Yash nodded in agreement. "Exactly. Preserving our bond has been vital to our happiness. We believe in the power of love, mutual respect, and commitment. It's incredible how these values have kept us content with each other, without allowing trivial or major matters to come between us."

And then suddenly, Ami's face lit up as she spoke about their spiritual mentor. "Let's not forget the influence of our spiritual mentor, which have become the bedrock of our relationship. Our shared spiritual practice and acts of service have deepened our connection."

Careers and Passion: Balancing Personal Growth and Partnership

As we continued to talk, Yash added, "We're also passionate about our respective careers. I tutor students academically and help them develop life skills. Ami, as a Social Media Consultant and Trainer, has made significant contributions in her field"

Ami beamed with pride, and Yash continued, "Absolutely. We have a perfect balance in our lives. We value spirituality, work, relationships, family, friends, and entertainment. We make time for prayer, meditation, cooking, and enjoying movies and TV shows together. How do we do that? 

Ami states, “Yash was highly organized and structured, but struggled with time management and delegation. Despite our differences, we both appreciated each other's qualities. Yash loved my family-centric behavior and positive smiling attitude while I appreciated Yash's willingness to help others, his honesty, and his ability to be a great listener.”

Yash adds on, “When we had conflicts, we made sure to reach a state of harmony. We respected each other during their discussions, and actively listened to one another. We believe that everyone has the right to their own opinions, and we must not judge each other. Once an argument was over, it was never brought up again, and each day was a fresh start. We never sleep over any chaos, and we ensure to apologize to each other during conflicts because our  relationship is more important than any disagreement they might have!”

Open Communication: Nurturing a Strong Foundation

Yash also credits a free flowing communication for their work life balance, emotional bonding, “We ensure a free flowing commitment. I see her holding back emotions, I ask her to speak and vice versa. See Mahima - Communication is key for us, and we have meaningful conversations every day - we talk about challenges at work, anything we liked or disliked on a particular day etc. When you are an open book to each other, the other will always know your needs and feelings and respect them; there would be discussions to kill any discord without any inhibitions. And this is what keeps two people together. If we can talk to our friends openly, why not the spouse? After all, we are life partners!."

Ami adds, “ Oh yes, till I don’t share whatever happened in the day, my day…our day is not complete. We can talk for hours like GF-BF!” They both laugh.

Embracing Changes in Life & Growing Together as a Team

I was quite impressed by their dedication to both their relationship and their individual pursuits. "It's remarkable how you manage to maintain such harmony. How do you handle conflicts or challenges that arise?"

Yash responded with certainty, "Our relationship is built on respect, trust, and open communication. We don't let negative feelings fester and address any instability right away. We believe in resolving issues quickly, preventing any negative energy from harming our bond."

Ami nodded in agreement. "Emotional independence is also crucial for us. While we enjoy each other's company, we understand the importance of being responsible for our own happiness and fulfillment. We also avoid excessive dependence and strive for a healthy balance - like he has his set of buddies to hang out with, I have mine. I travel alone too, so it's a mix of we and I - as self care and me time, personal space is also necessary. This is another thing that also curtails any sorts of conflicts when you ensure you have your ME TIME."

Yash chimed in, "Absolutely, we understand that personal growth and fulfillment contribute to a stronger partnership."

From Surprise Dates to Handwritten Notes: Keeping the Romance Alive

Ami added with a smile, "And it's not just the big moments; we also cherish the little things in life. Simple gestures like surprise dates, handwritten love notes, or cooking a special meal for each other can bring immense joy and keeps the romance alive."

Yash also adds with some pride in the hind-sight, “We also make it a point to celebrate each other's achievements and milestones, big or small. Supporting and cheering each other on has been a fundamental aspect of our relationship. A candle light dinner date is as important to us as small and big achievements that each of us make."

Ami nodded, her voice filled with warmth. "In short, we navigate life's challenges as a team, always striving to become better versions of ourselves."

Inspiring Love: A Beacon of Hope for Others

And then suddenly, Yash took Ami's hand in his and gazed into her eyes. "Our love and commitment have only deepened over the years. We're grateful for the beautiful journey we've shared and the love that continues to grow every day. We believe in the power of love, and together, we strive to create a harmonious and fulfilling life."

Ami's voice quivered with emotion as she said, "Yes, Mahima, I would say when two souls connect on a deep level, when there's mutual respect, understanding, and unwavering support, love can truly flourish and create a lifelong partnership."

The Final Takeaways

I am bound to ask, "What message would you like to convey to those who are searching for love or seeking to strengthen their relationships?"

Yash and Ami exchanged a knowing glance, their love and wisdom shining through. Yash speaks, "To all those who are searching for love or seeking to strengthen their relationships, we hope our story inspires you. Believe in the power of love, invest in your relationship, and always remember that true happiness lies in cherishing and nurturing the bond you share with your partner."

So, Yash and Ami continue to navigate life together, hand in hand, creating a love story that inspires and encourages others to embrace love's incredible power. Their story reminds us that true love knows no boundaries and that with patience, understanding, and unwavering support, a love story like theirs is possible for anyone.

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