Pre-marital counselling isn't just for couples facing imminent doom or rocky terrains. It's not about finding faults or pointing fingers.

Pre-Marital Counselling? Nah, We’re Doing Just Fine!

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Congratulations on taking that incredible leap of faith and deciding to walk down the path of forever together. As you embark on this journey of a lifetime, there's something that might just make your adventure a whole lot smoother: pre-marital counselling.

Now, before you roll your eyes or dismiss the idea or you might be thinking - "Counselling? Nah, we're doing just fine!", let me assure you that pre-marital counselling isn't just for couples facing imminent doom or rocky terrains. It's not about finding faults or pointing fingers. It's about empowering couples to understand each other better and build a stronger foundation for their marriage. Remember, communication is the key to unlocking the doors of understanding, compassion, and trust, things that form the foundation of a healthy relationship for years to come and pre-marital counselling can create a proactive and mindful opportunity to do the same.

Picture this - you've met someone special, and everything feels like magic. Long conversations, starry-eyed gazes, and that warm fuzzy feeling every time you see them. But amidst the excitement of wedding planning and envisioning your future together, there are countless aspects of life you might not have discussed yet. Aspects that will ensure that you are starting on a strong foundation. And that's where pre-marital counselling can come in handy!

Let's dive into the real-life story of Rahul & Priya who gave pre-marital counselling a shot.

Meet Rahul and Priya, two individuals who fell in love amidst the bustling streets of Delhi. They had dreams of building a life together, and their excitement to tie the knot was palpable.

During their courtship, Rahul and Priya reveled in each other's company. They explored the city together, sharing laughter, dreams, and hopes for the future. As the days turned into months, their connection only grew stronger. But as they got closer to the wedding date, a shadow of unease loomed over their relationship. They started noticing differences in how they handled money.

Rahul, a tech enthusiast and avid traveler, envisioned a life filled with adventures and exciting experiences. On the other hand, Priya, a pragmatic and responsible individual, sought stability and financial security for their future family. It was only after the wedding invitations were sent out that they realized they hadn't discussed their financial goals and how they would merge their aspirations.

The differences in their approach to money management began to emerge after the excitement of the wedding subsided. Rahul would enthusiastically plan trips and indulge in tech gadgets, while Priya would be concerned about saving for a rainy day and setting aside money for their future. Arguments about money became more frequent, leaving both of them feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

Priya suggested that they go for pre-marital counseling to gain a better understanding of each other and find a way to bridge their differences. Rahul was initially skeptical but open to giving it a try for the sake of their relationship.

Over the course of several sessions, Rahul and Priya delved into their individual values and beliefs about money. They shared their upbringing, experiences, and how they shaped their perspectives on finances. Gradually, they began to understand each other's fears and desires surrounding money, and that knowledge allowed them to empathize with one another. They learned about budgeting, setting financial goals, and finding a middle ground that respected both their desires for adventure and stability.

As they openly discussed their financial concerns, they realized that it wasn't just about money; it was about their visions for the future, their fears, and their desires to support and protect each other. With newfound clarity and understanding, they crafted a joint financial plan that incorporated both Rahul's passion for exploring the world and Priya's need for financial security.

Along with talking about Finance/money, there are a few other things that you can consider talking to your partner about e.g. family expectations, children, life goals, etc. These conversations help in building trust, understanding, and alignment between you and your partner. Please remember to be open, patient, and empathetic during these discussions, and remember that you are on the same team. 

Pre-marital counselling isn't a magic fix and neither it is a sign of weakness or impending doom; it's a process of growth and learning that extends beyond the counselling sessions. It’s like giving your relationship a safety net. It equips you with the skills and knowledge to weather the storms that may arise and come out stronger on the other side.

And let's face it; no relationship is immune to rough patches. It's how you navigate through those challenges that truly counts. Also, staying healthy in your relationship requires regular investment and pre-marital counselling is just one of the things that you can do to get you started with the right knowledge and tools. 

Think of it this way - you wouldn't embark on a mountain trek without the right gear and a trusty map, right? Similarly, pre-marital counselling equips you with the tools and knowledge to climb the peaks and valleys of your relationship journey together.

So, before you say "I do," take a moment to consider pre-marital counselling.  It's not about having problems; it's about embracing proactive communication and self-awareness to ensure your love story remains extraordinary.  

Happy navigating, lovebirds! ♥️

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