We spoke to five couples who told us about the one ritual that they have maintained for years and that reminds them of the good times they have spent together. 

Five Couples Reveal The Simple Rituals That Keep Their Love Fresh

Every relationship has its highs and lows but the one thing that keeps them going is consistency. The consistency to keep reminding each other that at the end of the day, there is love and there is hope. We spoke to five couples who told us about the one ritual that they have maintained for years and that reminds them of the good times they have spent together. 

1. Friday Nights Are Date Nights

Nitika and Sahil’s first Tinder date took place on a Friday, and ever since, Friday night for them is date night. On this day, they make no plans with anyone but each other. They either go out or do a movie night at home, cook for each other or plan a surprise - but Friday is their day and they make sure to follow this even after being together for four years.

2. Bonding Over Gol-Gappas

Sushant and Priyanka met at a chaat-stall and fell in love while competing in a gol-gappa challenge. Ever since that day, the chaat-vendor has played a very crucial role in their lives. He put up a stall at their wedding, they fly down to Pune to have gol-gappas at his stall to celebrate their dating anniversary, and recently, Sushant flew down the chaat-wala to Delhi to satiate Priyanka’s pregnancy craving!

3. Annual Vacation on Honeymoon Dates 

Gulfam and Naaz went on their honeymoon a week after their wedding. For the last five years, they spend their anniversary with their family and friends. They say this gives them the feel of their wedding day. The two of them travel on the same dates as their honeymoon as it brings back the memories of their first holiday as husband and wife and adds to the freshness of their relationship. 

4. Couple-Yoga Sessions For the Win!

Ramit and Preeti are the quintessential modern couple, sometimes overwhelmed by their fast-moving lives. Signing up for couple yoga brought their lives in sync. They say they had been spending their lives apart despite being under the same roof. “Yoga opened up our bodies and our minds and that one hour of solitude followed by a cup of tea together in peace made us feel like there was more to life,” says Preeti.


5. Surprise Me With a Meal!

Janhavi and Ajai are both big foodies who also really like to cook. So they take turns surprising their partner with an interesting new meal every Sunday. They look for recipes they have never made before and cook up a storm for each other. That’s not all. They also have a food rating chart on which they rate the dish and maintain a record of the points. Ajai says this ritual makes them look forward to weekends and the hunt for recipes that will impress the partner has helped them learn a lot about each other's moods, feelings, and preferences.


These cute rituals really opened up our minds about the endless possibilities a couple can explore together.

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