I would say he is now more obsessed with self-care than me and it really works well for us as a couple.

How I Got My Husband Obsessed With Skin-Care

I still remember the night after my wedding. I had left the keys to my suitcases at home and so after removing all that bridal make-up, I asked my husband for a face-cream. Let alone that, he did not even have a basic moisturiser in his bathroom. ‘I’ve never used one in my life’, he said to me. That’s when I knew that I was now going to live with a boy!

My driver dropped off the keys to my luggage the next morning and I took out all my skin-care products and neatly placed them on the bathroom counter. ‘That’s a LOT of stuff, how do you even finish these things?’ My husband asked me. There was the basic stuff like a shampoo, conditioner and hair serum. Then there was some dry shampoo, body moisturiser, day-cream, night-cream, face serum, sun-screen and a few sheet masks. He thought I could open a Sephora store and I just rolled my eyes at him. 

This one one evening, however, when I got back from work, I saw my husband chilling on the bed, watching TV, with a sheet mask on. He saw me and said, ‘Hey love! Is this what makes your skin so soft?’ I laughed and said ‘Yes’, someone was inspired by my skincare routine. 

A few days later, right before sleeping he asked me to pass him a moisturiser, so I gave him the cream on my bedside table. ‘Not this one, I need a hand-cream’, he said. Wow! Did he just specify a cream that he wanted to use? I thought to myself. From having used no cream ever to now asking for a hand cream, one year of marriage had really changed my husband. 

One Sunday, I was trying on a new face mask and I asked him if he wanted to give it a shot too. Since that day, we dedicate two hours every weekend to skin-care. We scrub our faces, try on new face packs, oil each other’s hair, put on body scrubs and it really brings us back to life. Even if I get lazy at times, my husband makes sure we take care of ourselves without a miss. He either makes a bubble bath to relieve my stress or just calls over a beautician for a pedicure or massage. 

I would say he is now more obsessed with self-care than me and it really works well for us as a couple.

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