One day Ronny said, “You know all my friends have a couple-ritual, Why don’t we start one too?”. “Couple ritual!” I said

How My Husband & I Started Dating Each Other Again

Ronny and I got married when we were still very young and were extremely busy with our careers. We kept a busy schedule of working hard on Weekdays and partied the weekend away. It was wonderful to catch up with friends and cousins while we partied. Every weekend we would decide on the group we were to catch up with. Sunday was mostly reserved for lounging around the house as we used to be tired on Sunday after a whole work week and boozy weekends.

But we realized that Even though we had a busy and buzzing life, we were not able to sneak in personal time. We spoke over the phone a couple of times during the day and dinner was usually rushed as we had to prepare for the next day and sleep early. This routine was getting mundane. We said to each other “Let’s look for better ways to spend quality time together.”

One day Ronny said, “You know all my friends have a couple-ritual, Why don’t we start one too?”.

“Couple ritual!” I said. He said, “Ya, my friends take out time for each other once a week to be away from work and friends and spend quality time together”. I quite liked the idea and said “Why not? “ From then on we started the ritual of “Sunday brunches”. It was the best day of our week. We would take time to research the brunch places in town, discuss them before going to bed, and once decided, it was booked and we looked forward to trying out the new place and spending quality time with each other. Researching new and offbeat brunch places became a big hobby between the two of us. We were having so much fun doing this. We even tried the famous Chola Bhatura place in Karol Bagh.

Every time we visited a new place, we formed a new memory. “Servers funny accent!” or “healthiest pancakes in town” or “Insta worthy décor”. The list would go on. So many times our friends would want us to join them for brunch but we made a strict rule of not giving up on our time together. Committing ourselves to spend quality time together also bought us closer as a couple and taught us the importance of commitment in a marriage. Who knew that just a simple ritual would make such a difference to us as a couple.

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