"She is a Bengali, while I am from Bihar. Given that we are both working professionals with extremely busy schedules, so to us our compatibility and work similarities mattered more.

How This Doctor Couple Balances Relationship Amid Hectic Life

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"She is a Bengali, while I am from Bihar. Given that we are both working professionals with extremely busy schedules, so to us our compatibility and work similarities mattered more. Resistance from my family or any family in life is just a part and parcel of life, and melts down with time," Dr Abhishek Bhushan informs me. 

Dr Sushmita Mitra interrupts, "He is being generous, there was resistance from my family's side as well. But isn't that a normal clash of opinions in Indian culture where we have Unity with Diversity? Our compatibility and work scenario compatibility mattered more to us. We were more concerned on how we will manage time for each other in this 24X7 work environment."

Dr Abhishek Bhushan is a General Surgeon and Dr Sushmita is a Maxillofacial Surgeon. They run the Lifeline Surgicare Centre in Bihar Shariff. 

Their life story isn't about their cultural differences, but about being hectically involved in saving lives 24x7 yet devoting quality time to each other as well as their son who is 10-years old now.

Dr Abhishek and Dr Sushmita met through friends during their graduation in MBBS and BDS respectively in Chennai in 2004. A Bengali born in Shillong, Dr Sushmita loved his simplicity while Dr Abhishek liked her vivacious charm. But the challenge was how to find time for each other amid the study hours, training hours and work shifts. The challenge was how to work out time in a way that they could see a future together.

So, after a few months of courtship, they began working on small and larger things towards a stable relationship, then and there.

"Despite our hectic study and hospital days that we knew would last through our lives, we decided upon few things that we follow even now. Like one meal together anytime of the day is a compulsion, even if in the late night hours," informs Dr Sushmita.

Similarly Dr Abhishek adds, that they ensure long drives or drives to food joints or just into nature around the home, to ensure that they have time to talk about various things that were necessary for a stable relationship. 

"Consistent communication during stress busting long drives then and even today; taking our child to his friends; dropping Sushmita at work or some meeting etc, has been the backbone of our relationship. And here I would assert that consistent communication is the key to any and every relationship, not just ours," he emphasises.

Coming back to their message to new-age couples who pick a lifestyle beyond what is mundane Dr Sushmita and Dr Abhishek have a three  point advice:

  1. Adjustments Matter: Dr Abhishek knew that as a wife Dr Suhsmita would rely totally on his support considering the bride leaves her everything behind when she steps into her new home. Dr Sushimta knew that as the daughter-in-law she would face high expectations to manage the cultural difference as well as the family time. "So,  we both decided to stand for each other in a way that invites least troubles from each other’s families. While I made certain adjustments towards our new home and culture, he ensured that when a backlash happens, he takes charge to speak to his family and command the desired dignity for me. We would talk and discuss the smallest matters to resolve family conflicts," informs Dr Sushmita. And then she add some more important things….
  2. "Never sleep with a disconnect, a clash of opinion or any other conflict. Always talk it out before you sleep. A peaceful sleep always melts down more things than we can even imagine."
  3. "Always find time in the day to be together as a couple, no matter what...you drive to work, you eat meals, you hang out in the same city or you take a long break, use the time  strengthen you as a duo like no other. These were our rule and these still remain the same even today. Because that is where we find our solace." 

Their son who is ten years old now, this year in 2022 moved to his maternal grandparents for better studies. Now this is where I wish to ask them how they now devote their time to their own relationship while balancing it with the child?

Dr Sushmita responds, "Whenever there is a long break, we bring him home. Times are changing, but we didn't want a typical hostel for him yet, so we decided upon this safe place. I keep going to meet him, when Abhishek manages our Surgicare Centre."

Dr Sushmita adds, “Our happy child who thinks like an Indian rather than a divided mind over their respective cultures, is the reward of their balanced bond. We are proud as a couple, as parents.”

It is time for Dr Abhishek and Dr Sushmita to go LIVE on a daily video call with their son. And it is also a time for all of us to think and realise how small acts can go a long way in strengthening a beautiful bond. Isn't it? For more such amazing real life stories, keep reading BAELY. You can also follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/thebaelyapp


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