From Childhood Buddies to College Sweethearts, Rachana and Vishal's love story is one that has stood the test of time.

Inspiring Journey of Gynoveda's Founders Across 30 Years of Friendship & Marriage

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Today Baely shares the heartwarming love story of Gynoveda’s Founders Rachana Gupta & Vishal Gupta. Gynoveda.com is the world’s 1st selfcare platform for women that combines Ayurveda & Technology to experience healthy periods, lifelong. We check out the camaraderie between the two, and also how they managed to create a global startup at an age when people struggle with mid-life crisis! An exclusive interview by Consulting Editor, Mahima Sharma.

From Childhood Buddies to College Sweethearts

Rachana and Vishal's love story is one that has stood the test of time. The couple, who are both in their late forties, have been together for over 30 years, ever since they were classmates at St. Thomas High School in Mumbai.

Rachana remembers the early days of their relationship fondly. "From KG to class 10, none of us imagined that we would be in love and together," she says. "All these years we were just classmates. That's it."

But as they entered college and their colleges were across the road from each other, they began to develop a deeper connection. They had common friends and spent more time together. "Around 1994-1995 we became best buddies," Rachana says. "A great comfort, and a lot of trust."

Vishal agrees that their friendship was the foundation of their relationship. "I could be myself with her, there was a certain unsaid comfort level in her words and actions which made me feel at home.," he says. "And even now we are the same.

Authenticity binds us which means we can be who we are, we know neither of us will judge each other by words or actions and we can speak our minds out the way we want to."

Rachana tells me that she was drawn to Vishal's sense of humor and his easy-going nature. "He was great fun, humor he acted in," she says. "Besides the comfort levels, our common love for food bonded us, rather attracted me to him as a best buddy. He doesn't judge anyone and is very objective in his approach to life."

Their families had no objections to their relationship, despite the fact that Vishal is from Delhi and Rachana is from the Konkani community the Pai's. "They had seen us growing up together and knew that we were meant to be together. And we got married in the year 2000," Rachana informs me.

Tiding Over Initial Hardships as the Team of Two

In February 2000, Vishal was running a successful internet startup and Rachana had just completed her MBA and joined a multinational company. Post wedding, Rachana moved in with Vishal and his parents, and they soon realized that they wanted to start something of their own. 

Vishal informs me, "Since we were raised in a typical middle class grounded fashion, we knew that sooner or later, we had to start something that we could call our own, our venture, without having to work for anyone else."

But the flight to their dreams was destined later in time. In 2002, they both got an opportunity to work with a top BPO in Chennai and they decided to take it as an opportunity to be on their own. "We didn't take anything from our parents," Vishal says. "The hardships that we faced together, bonded us better."

Rachana agrees that the time they spent in Chennai was crucial to their relationship. She tells me, "Those three years in Chennai were our building block, the foundation of us as husband and wife," she says. "The testing times where we had no time to be together and communicate regularly. But since our drive to strive hard and make a mark and give ourselves a life that we wanted to.... That drive to set up a home from scratch despite paying hefty rent.

Those little things to manage in fixed finances, setting up the home, saving for the future, etc that we did together were hardships, but that time together was a golden time. It bonded us to the core.

We were just happy being with each other, no matter what. Each step in setting up the home was an achievement of our own without any external financial support."

Soham, the Son is Born

After three years in Chennai, they decided to plan a child when they could provide the best they had in their childhood. "The world thought we had some medical issues when we didn't plan an early child," Rachana informs, adding that they both were very honest with each other to plan a kid when they could have that time and money to look after the child in a desired manner.

In 2005, they were ready to become parents. Rachana took a sabbatical and Vishal continued to be at work. They had by then relocated back to Mumbai from Chennai. Their son, Soham, was born later in the same year. 

“From doing well as a working couple, to being a single earning member of the family, Vishal did you not feel the pinch?” I ask him.

"No, I had no qualms about why Rachana took a break; it was the need of the hour, for her good health and for a wholesome upbringing of our son," Vishal says. "Moreover, I was able to support our family alone. And there was only a sense of gratitude to the Universe that we could do things the way they were meant to be. It was always a feeling of abundance in what we had and being grateful and a happy family."

The Key to their Life-Long Bonding

The couple attributes their strong bond to their ability to communicate openly and honestly with each other. "We don't push ourselves to meet each other's expectations as I feel that's the bone of contention," Vishal says.

"Our bond is due to 'we never tried to push demands on the other, never try to change the other'."

Rachana agrees and tells me, "Mahima, when we started living together in Chennai, Vishal pointed out to be more watchful about the home finance management," she says. "Had it not been our liberty to be vocal with each other, perhaps such situations in general could become a sour point. Rather his advice was my chance to perhaps improve myself in various ways (that now help me run GYNOVEDA in a very strategic manner); I took it positively. On the other hand, he never nagged me, never chased me to do anything, those were just words of wisdom - very objective - making me understand why a certain thing has/had to be done. That's where fights don't happen when you talk and talk logically."

Moving onto the next leg of their life, Rachana recalls, "I continued to work in the BPO till our son was 11. We purchased our new home (by the year 2011). So all those dreams came true from a very modest beginning of life in Chennai." 

Their love for each other was evident in the way they supported each other's dreams. Rachana moved out of the corporate world in 2015 to author her book, “Happiness Coach”, while Vishal continued to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. I have closely seen them during those days, have watched them from far and near balance each other out, with Vishal claiming to be the "eagle-eyed" one, always looking for new opportunities, while Rachana claims she was the "farmer," ensuring that Vishal's ideas took shape, especially as their joint venture together.

Gynoveda, The Second Child is Born!

In 2018, they both recovered from severe illnesses and they thank Ayurveda for the same. That’s when they decided to start their own Ayurvedic wellness startup. They were determined to fill the gap in the market for Ayurveda, which they believed had been overlooked and not practiced properly.

Vishal claims he was a typical Baniya, with entrepreneurial skills and an urge to reach out and succeed. Rachana, on the other hand, asserts she was his spiritual partner. She has the rare ability to listen, which they had found over the years to be essential in resolving issues and building their relationship.

"The connection of the soul is what is about the art of living and growing together," Rachana said. They had always taught their son, Soham, the importance of communication and had raised him to be an individual with his own thought process but also grounded and kind.

One of the key things in their relationship was the concept of "let there be space in your togetherness." This formed the base of their bond and allowed them to grow as individuals and as a couple. They also had a mutual understanding of supporting each other, whether it was in terms of knowledge or practical help.

Life as an Entrepreneur Couple

At the age of 45, they decided to start Gynoveda as their second child. Even though they had their differences of opinion, they always made sure to listen to each other's views. Vishal asserts,” Why would I not listen to her advice, after she is not just the co-founder, but also the mother of our startup.

We have a mantra to "discuss now, decide later" and never judge each other by actions or words.” 

"We never carry tags with us, our ranks are left behind at work," Rachana said. "It's meaningless who has the higher rank, it's not patriarchal in our case. The way we raised Soham, is how we are raising our wellness startup." The family values now are being carried to their extended family, their team. Vishal adds, “When we listen to each other patiently, not just Soham but even the team also watches and learns the importance of listening; of being open to new ideas and the views of the younger generation or of each other.”

Rachana informs me, “One more thing Mahima, we also have a no blame game policy. So, if something goes wrong, we take responsibility as a couple or as a team and work together to fix the same; learn from our mistakes and move ahead.” 

Juggling Work and Life As a Team

“Work-life balance was also important to us. Vishal came from a community where business was the only thing that mattered, but he made sure to prioritize his child and spend time with Soham. Our son is about to take his first board exams in 2023, and Vishal has ensured that Soham takes enough breaks to freshen up his mind for a calmer self and a fruitful study time,” informs Rachana.

Vishal adds, “Also, we have certain rules at home Mahima. We don’t live by what others or our peer group expects us to do. We live things by the day. Yes we do plan our friendly get togethers, we also take individual breaks with our own set of friends plus we also take short vacations twice a year with Soham.

So in short we compartmentalize our lives, between our own me-time, our time as a couple, as a family, as parents, etc.”

In the end, Vishal and Rachana were a perfect example of how two people could come together and build a successful business while also maintaining a strong relationship and family.

The Takeaways as they look back on their 30 years of togetherness

Rachana and Vishal say that they can't help but feel deeply grateful for the journey they've shared with each other. 

"We've been through so much together," Rachana says.

"We've faced our fair share of challenges, but we've always come out stronger because of it. We've built a life together that we're proud of, and I wouldn't want to do it any other way!"

Vishal nods in agreement. "We've grown up together," he says. "We've been there for each other through every step of our lives. And I know that we'll continue to be there for each other, no matter what the future holds."

As they look ahead to the next chapter of their lives, Rachana and Vishal are excited for the new adventures and challenges that lie ahead. But one thing is for sure, they'll face them together, hand in hand, as partners in every sense of the word.


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