We always hear about Love, Respect, and Trust in relationships, but faith in one’s unconventional plans is also very crucial. That is the greatest trait of our relationship.

She Is Fire, I Am Water But Still We Bond Like Glue!

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Married for 13 years,  Piyali and Jayesh reside in Mumbai. While Piyali is a body positivity advocate and pageantry coach, Jayesh works in the IT industry. Despite differences in backgrounds, interests, and careers, they helped each other to build a successful business.

Piyali mentions the unconventional aspects of their relationship, “While I am a fierce Bengali, Jayesh is an uber cool Marwari, as per his friends (she laughs)! He was my classmate at college, later my best friend, and eventually, we fell in love. We were a new-age couple who wanted to be different in life." 

Faith In Each Other Leads To Lasting Love.

“Shanthi, I’m a fashion-crazy person with a creative bent of mind. I got into the jewellery business and pageantry while he stuck to a job to support my dream"

She adds, “He not only learnt photography, videography, and certain editing skills - he learnt it all from scratch just to support me and together we   worked out on various methods to make my social media page better and enter my way into an influencer journey We worked as a team and grew our social media page @piyalitoshniwal_official really well. Before we knew it, our page had more than three lakh followers.” 

Jayesh believes that faith in each other's dreams is important. He tells me, “Our partners should have complete faith in our dreams as well as theirs. We always hear about Love, Respect, and Trust in relationships, but faith in one’s unconventional plans is also very crucial. That is the greatest trait of our relationship. We believe in each others’ dreams, thoughts, plans, and actions. If a couple has faith in each other, be it cooking a new dish, or starting a new venture, wonders will happen.” 

Acceptance of differences is the key to completing each other!

Jayesh jokes around, “You know, I am the WATER element and Piyali is FIRE! So, I don't have to explain how we balance it out, right Shanthi?” He laughs, Piyali laughs, and I watch them in awe.

Piyali and Jayesh understand each other’s nature. 

Jayesh says “We accept each other wholeheartedly. Every couple is a bundle of contradictions and each partner will have different styles of parenting, working, and managing finances. Over time, we have to accept the differences rather than fighting about them. We should understand their point of view and that settles everything”. Piyali nods in agreement and says “Yes, that’s how we have bonded so well while working, managing the household, and raising our 12 year old together. Though we find each other different in many aspects, we trust and accept that! Also, there’s nothing called “a perfect couple” as many portray us!! We accept flaws and differences to make it work!!” 

Resolving conflicts with communication

“Today we are adored by many as the perfect couple since we work, live, raise a child, and manage a home together smoothly for more than a decade,  but I assure you there’s no such thing as flawless.

Piyali continues, “We go through our relationship hassles, arguments, and fights, but resolve them on a regular basis. Often couples let the resentment build on by not talking about it, and that is detrimental to a relationship. So we talk it out.”

Jayesh shares “I’m the calmer one and she can get angry easily !! That's what keeps the balance in our lives. Sometimes when we have an argument I take a step back and let the temperament settle down. While sometimes she lets me cool down. But we make sure that we don’t go to sleep without settling the differences.

Like all parents, our major area of conflict is our child!! We both have different theories of parenting, she feels I pamper him too much and I feel she is very strict, but we make sure there’s no cross-parenting. We respect each other’s style and to better understand each other, we talk about why we choose a certain style of parenting.”

Despite their differences, faith, acceptance, and communication form the strong foundation of their relationship and they advocate the same to everyone who approaches them for relationship advice.

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