Conflicts, fights or no fights, we don't hide anything from each other....all in black and white and too much detail. Transparency is the back bone, communication strengthens it.

The Loving & Humble Couple Behind ‘Me and Ayanna’ Fame

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Each one of you, knows the famous Mother Daughter Duo behind the Social Media Handle 'Me and Ayanna’. But today's story isn't about them. It is about the couple, who are the ‘soul of this sensation. And how this poles-apart-in-nature duo of Shweta and Girish Manocha created an inspiring journey of their own, beyond the name and fame. 

An exclusive interaction with Mahima Sharma, Consulting Editor, Baely.


The dance journey of 'Me And Ayanna' began when Shweta Manocha fell in love with the Punjabi song 'Lamborghini chalayi jaane oh . She went up to her daughter Ayanna who was 13 then. The teen is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer loved it too and instantly came up with some hooking dance steps; and the two decided to dance to the same and create a short video. "When we recorded the same, I loved the way it had emerged, made Girish watch the same and just like every other mother daughter, we randomly posted it on Facebook," recalls Shweta Manocha, who originally hails from Agra in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

"Overnight the video became viral, and by morning we were bombarded with so many messages not just on FB but personal phone numbers as well. Relatives, friends, colleagues all wanted them to do more. And I knew my wife and daughter had become a public figure. It was time to play a protective guy, but not stop here. It was time for them to scale new horizons, but with caution," reminisces Girish Manocha who was born and brought up in Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. "The tehzeeb or mannerisms of the city run in my blood, and I wish the legacy to pass on to my kids. Thus, the caution," explains Girish.

He would be behind the camera to ensure that the mother-daughter bond and its sanctity, dignity was captured well, while the duo danced to their favorites. Come 2022 - three years on, he now is helped out by professional people, because Shweta and 16 year-old daughter Ayanna haven't looked back, or rather have involved her 14 year-old son Dev and husband Girish also in family-fun videos.


"Did anything change over the years Girish? Are you not insecure of the stardom your wife is raging to? You don't come on-camera often, and Shweta hogs all the limelight, how does it feel? I ask a usual question.

"Why should I be insecure? She is my life-partner and has all the right to live her dreams! How will I raise a secure son, if I feel so? Snaps Shweta, while looks lovingly into his eyes and adds, “Girish is the one who ensures our journey stays smooth, he is the one who keeps me calm, when people troll me/us for their random fancies; and he is also the one who keeps an eye that we don't overdo anything just to stay a so-called influencer." And he laughs at her, "I am also the one who ensures the payment to your team behind the camera darling!" And we all burst into laughter again.


"Jokes apart Mahima, the day I met Shweta some 22 years back I knew she was the one for me. She took away my heart with her smile and humbleness and vision to life and family...very focused. The way she makes me feel secure about myself is uncanny. No wonder, I waited for her for a good damn 21 months to get married," recalls Girish, who is in his mid-forties. 

Shweta bursts into laughter (the love is palpable even after 19 years of marriage), "Arey, I was in college and wanted to complete my studies. He was settled, he was running his dry-cleaning business. But I was naive, and didn't want to get married so early. And to my surprise he did wait! Rather, he would come down all the way via train from Lucknow to Agra (where I lived then) to manage our courtship period. He was so caring and calm, that I gave in to his love and we got married in 2003!"


19 years on, what keeps you so much lovey-dovey Shweta-Girish? There is such an amazing aura of love and friendship around you both, how did you both ensure it?

Girish asserts it is the US TIME as a couple that they have ensured since day one. "He makes the morning tea, despite us having ample home staff. That's the hour when no one is allowed in our room. That hour is ultra-special to us. Plus Girish and we are very fond of good food. And he ensures that he tosses up some amazing non-veg delicacies at least twice a month. He ensures that special husband-time on his own for me," informs a deeply grateful Shweta.

On the other hand Girish says that the night drive which is at least an hour long, the time when they talk out all-day's chaos, confusion, happenings and more - that hour is very special. "See Mahima, I have 11 branches of our business to manage, while Shweta is busy at home managing the kids, their studies, her mother (who lives close by) and much more. She and I both need that special hour when we ensure communication, clear communication with each other. Lack of communication is the major cause of conflicts between couples, so we have rooted that out," tells Girish. 

Shweta tells me that Girish juggles his time, despite his extremely hectic work, in such a way that he spends quality five to six hours at home whether being with the kids, or helping her buy home needs. "He aces it all, and I see the legacy of late father being carried forward by him," Shweta wipes off a tear of joy and gratitude.


Girish takes a pause, recalls something and chuckles," Also Shweta ensures that if I have a business trip out of town, she tags along! She is one glued woman who won't even give me a chance to be alone! Arey, for her even mayaka (mother's home) visits (when her Mum was in Agra) she would drag me along always." He laughs aloud. 

Shweta frowns in a funny way, they both laugh and she tells him, "For this I compensate by giving you an all-boys trip with your buddies na! It's balanced out, so chill." So, now it is my turn to burst into laughter. And also feel proud about these two, who have maintained work-life balance in such a fun loving, caring and friendly way.

Girish goes on," Our anniversary Mahima, is another "totally our time" together. We travel to the best possible places even if just two days; we travel as a duo. And for this I would like to thank my mother-in-law who has ensured that she looks after the kids when we are away for this SPECIAL US TIME."


Shweta adds, "Mahima, he is praising my Mum, but let me tell you, Girish is a very hands-on equal partner in life; he is a very dedicated son-in-law. He was my late father's best buddy. We lost his father in May 2021 to COVID19 pandemic. Post that he ensured my parents didn't stay alone in Agra; he brought them closer home to Lucknow. Despite that, we lost my father in December 2021. Girish didn't think twice, he moved in with my mother along with us. We lived out of a single suitcase for 6 months, and then Girish ensured we shifted into an apartment closer to her home! Who does that in modern times?" reminisces Shweta as she fights back a few tears in the memory of her father.

"How could I leave her mom alone? I lost mine 14 years ago. But that's not the only reason. I have a son, he is learning from what we do rather than what we teach. How will I raise a gentleman with a heart, if I don't follow my own?" asks Girish. And I can relate to him, as I am the proud wife of a similar warm hearted human.

We three smile at each other...there is a pause, a deadly silence. COVID19 pandemic has taken away a lot from each one of us, in various ways, but also somewhere brought the families ties closer and stronger. Our silence is broken by some slight fun commotion between Dev and Ayanna in the hind sight - the usual brother sister banter! And it forces me to ask, don't you have husband-wife conflicts Shweta?


Here Girish answers, "What's life without a discord? We are poles apart in nature, I am the calmer one while she is the bubbly kind. She won't think twice before asserting a point; she is quite straightforward, which often lands her in trouble. So I have to calm her down." Shweta nods in agreement. 

Girish adds, "We have our own rules: Never to sleep over a conflict. I get stubborn, I know, she is mostly right. So we resolve the conflicts before we sleep. I am really confident of her decisions, even for the business. We are a transparent couple, so as to sail smoothly in life. Her dad was my financial advisor, but now she has stepped in his shoes as she has great vision."

Shweta asserts, "Conflicts, fights or no fights, we don't hide anything from each other....all in black and white and too much detail. Transparency is the back bone, communication strengthens it. And this communication whether at home or at our long drives together, help us stay glued via clear communication."


Oh yes, they do have their share of dislikes also about each other! While Girish wants Shweta to ignore the world and not be angry when provoked by external forces, Shweta wants him to pamper the kids less! "Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki...(they laugh) But then isn't all sweet and no spice a dull life?" Asks Girish! And we all laugh together

What is that one final word they would like to say about each other?

"Shweta sacrifices are plenty which I cannot share being very personal....best life partner I could ever imagine. Whatever I am today is because of her love, support and sacrifices. She is my best business advisor too," Girish holds her hand with warmth as Shweta lays her head over his shoulder summing up, "Girish has been a son to my parents which is the greatest thing of all."

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