Sex getting boring after marriage is just a toxic indoctrination enabled by those who aren’t open to the beauty of monogamy.

5 Couples Confess The Secret Sex Rituals That Keep Their Marriage Intact

Sex getting boring after marriage is just a toxic indoctrination enabled by those who aren’t open to the beauty of monogamy. Like every other good thing in life, sex with our partner needs to be celebrated - and having certain rituals can always help! We got 5 couples to confess the secret sex rituals that keep them happily at it even years later.

1. Aniket & Priya

‘Since the second year of our marriage, we have taken turns to confess our secret sexual desires and lived them one by one, without judgment. This has helped us become completely transparent as a couple and made our sex life very exciting.’

2. Samdish & Keerti

‘Keerti and I take turns to surprise each other with what we call a ‘sex-attack’. Which is basically a random quickie anywhere, any time the person whose turn it is pleases. One of the most daring places we had sex was in an airplane bathroom in the middle of a turbulence.’

3. Bhuvan & Shamli

‘Bhuvan and I decided to have sex every day for 30 days straight without fail. Whether we were in the mood or not, whether we’d had a fight or not. In just about a week’s time, our arguments stopped. We were both high on love and our emotional intimacy grew to the next level. My mood, skin, appetite - everything improved. Even thirty days later, we didn’t want to stop.’

4. Kartikay & Priyal

‘Every once in a while Kartikay and I watch porn and imitate the actors. This gives us new ideas and is extremely stimulating. There’s a different kind of high in watching porn with your partner. You learn what turns them on, there’s a sense of curiosity and jealousy and it just makes the sex all the more passionate and exciting.’ 

5. Kunal & Srimoyee

‘Srimoyee and I have been married seven years, and the one thing we have never done is slept without sex after a fight. We may or may not have sex on a day when everything is hunky dory, but we make it a point to have sex after a fight. It’s the best way to apologize and it instantly releases happy hormones for us to feel better.’

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