So you’ve found that ONE person you wanna have sex with forever, but are worried that it might get boring?

5 Games To Spice Up Your Sex Life You Can Order Online

So you’ve found that ONE person you wanna have sex with forever, but are worried that it might get boring? You’re having sex regularly, but it has started to feel like a routine? You miss the foreplay, because you’re jumping straight to the thrusts? Well, dear sex-lover, let us make one thing clear - the entire act of intimacy has to be more than just the climax.

Remember the excitement in your body when you made out with this person for the first time? You weren’t thinking about only orgasming at that point, in fact every move was making you feel different things all over. And if that’s the feeling you want even after the hundredth round of sex with this person, then we have your back! Investing in the following six products can be a game-changer!

1. Sex Around the House

Make your sex life unpredictable by letting this boardgame decide where you’re indulging in the act. Use dice to move your pieces to different rooms - the house-themed game has a kitchen, laundry room, and other rooms. That’s not all! Once you enter a room on the game board, you can use the matching room cards for unique experiences to be performed in the actual rooms of your house. Ahem, dare or dare, anyone?

2. Box of Kinky Cards

Think you and your partner are adventurous? Get a ‘box of kinky cards’ and then decide! The game includes ‘naughty coupons for couples willing to try just about anything’. Have these delivered to your partner for your anniversary, honeymoon, or any romantic occasion. Team Baely would advise you to surprise your partner with this on a boring week day, when they are least expecting it!

3. Monogamy

From hilarious challenges to stimulating, sexy and wild conversations - Monogamy lets you have a ‘hot affair’ with your partner, say what? A few rounds of the game later, you’ll notice the game titillating you and your partner in unexpected ways. The winner gets to pick one of some fifty bind-blowing fantasies. So replace the monopoly with monogamy and win big in real life!

4. Dice & Spice

Make your partner flash a body part of your choice or turn on your partner in 30 seconds using just your lips - Dice & Spice is a great game to get very, very naughty with your partner! The game has a bunch of truth as well as dare cards. While the former has questions like - ‘What is your weirdest fantasy?’, the latter has dares like - ‘strike a calendar model pose and get a picture taken by your partner’. How does that make you feel - scared or excited?

5. Kissathon

Participate in a Kissathon with your partner. Best way to work out because fun fact, kissing can burn up to 26 calories a minute! Choose the level of challenge that you and your partner want to take up, we’d suggest starting with ‘Medium’. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can pick the Difficult ones too!

So what are you waiting for? Order these games right away and tell us whether you and your partner loved them or loved them a lot

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